Do you believe in the power of nature? If you do, then you are in the right place here! Vitalimun is a special mixture of herbs and plants – a family recipe that has been handed down over the generations and helped many animals and their owners to enjoy a healthier, happier and longer life! Read more Read more hidden text
It has even been known to have cured the deadly cat decease FIP!!
Do we now have your attention? Good! Then we know that to most of you, your pet is a member of your family and deserves to be treated like one. Unfortunately, they cannot tell us what is wrong with them, so it is up to us to recognize their problem or illness , and to respond to it as best we can!
Vitalimun improves their immune system and gives them back their vitality! Their fur becomes glossy again and their eyes get their clearness and sparkle back! And all of that only with natural products – no chemicals or conservatives – just pure nature!
We are currently developing our English Website and hope to give you an in-depth insight to Vitalimun in the near future – but all good things take time – so you will have to bear with us!! If however, you are interested in our product or have any further questions – then please feel free to write to us! We will then get in contact with you as soon as possible!

Mit dem Wissensschatz der Natur das Immunsystem der Tiere unterstützen,
das ist unser Anliegen

Unsere Leidenschaft gilt der Kraft der Pflanzen. Zur Unterstützung des Immunsystems fertigen wir naturbelassene Produkte auf pflanzlicher Basis.

Wenn altes Wissen weitergegeben wird, nennt man es Tradition. Wenn diese Tradition mit neuesten Erkenntnissen optimiert wird, entsteht etwas Wunderbares.
Für das Wohl der Tiere verwenden wir nur Bestes aus der Natur.‎

Die Grundlage unserer zu 100% pflanzlichen Produkte ist traditionelles Wissen gemeinsam mit aktuellen Erkenntnissen.

„Die Achtung vor dem Wohl des Tieres
ist die Grundlage für eine große Freundschaft mit ihm.“

Karl Austermann
Tierheilpraktiker bei Vitalimun